What is Tribute?

Tribute is a convenient service for monetizing your Telegram channel. With the @Tribute bot, you can set up paid subscriptions and donations on your channel and start earning from your content or services.

Who is Tribute for?

Tribute is for anyone conducting business or creating content on Telegram. Experts can share their knowledge, conduct consultations, or create interest-based communities. Creatives can showcase behind-the-scenes content and discuss their creative process.

What are the main advantages of Tribute?

It's a Telegram-native service, which is convenient for subscribers: no need to divert them to external platforms. In Tribute, payments can be made with cards from any bank and country. Payments are available in rubles and euros, with cryptocurrency payments (USDT, BTC, TON) coming soon. The commission structure is transparent and simple — 10% commision for all transactions.

There's also a convenient creator’s dashboard for managing subscriptions and donations, with detailed statistics coming soon.

How do I start using the service?

1. Open Telegram on any device

2. Search for the @Tribute bot and press the “Start” button.

3. Add the bot as an administrator to your channel. Grant permission to send, edit, delete messages, and add subscribers.

4. Set up your subscriptions or donations as per the instructions.

5. Fill in your payment details, select your country, and choose a method for receiving payouts.

Why is an ID required for verification?

Creator verification is a standard procedure to create a reliable and secure environment for authors and subscribers.

As our service processes financial transactions, we must adhere to international regulatory standards, including the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure. This measure is necessary to prevent fraud and ensure all transactions through our service are legitimate. All documents are processed confidentially and used solely for identity verification purposes.

Telegram has officially verified the bot, ensuring its safety for addition as a channel administrator.

What is a subscription?

A subscription is regular financial support from subscribers for unique content or the opportunity to interact with you in private channels. Subscriptions can be one-time, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You set the price, but it must be at least one Euro or 100 Rubles and not more than one thousand Euros or 60,000 Rubles.

What is a donation?

A donation is a voluntary contribution and a token of appreciation from subscribers for the content you publish. Subscribers determine the amount, but it must be at least one Euro or 100 Rubles and at most two thousand Euros or 150,000 Rubles.

Can I set up multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you can set up multiple different subscriptions on one channel. This allows your subscribers to choose the option that suits them best.

Can I connect subscriptions and donations to multiple channels?

Yes, you can connect subscriptions and donations to an unlimited number of your channels.

In which currencies can subscriptions be created?

Currently, subscriptions and donations are available in Rubles and Euros.

From which countries is payment available?

Payments can be made from any country, there are no restrictions.

How are payouts processed?

Payouts are received twice a month: on the 25th and 10th of the month or the next working day. The payout schedule is from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the 31st of each month. The minimum amount for payout to a bank card is 100 Euros. The balance is carried over to the next payout date if the minimum threshold is not reached.

What commission does the service charge?

10% (from each successful transaction, this includes fees of the service and payment providers).

Are there any limits on the payment amount?

The minimum amount for a donation or subscription is €1 or 100 Rubles. The maximum amount for a donation is €2000 or 150,000 Rubles; for a subscription, it's €1000 or 60,000 rubles.

What is a creator’s dashboard?

It's a convenient space within the bot under the "creator’s dashboard" tab, where creators can easily manage subscriptions and donations and store all transaction data. Detailed statistics will be available there soon.

How does a subscriber get access to a private channel?

First, the Tribute bot sends an invoice to your subscriber detailing the subscription price, currency, and billing frequency. After payment, the bot confirms the transaction and, if it's a private channel, automatically adds your subscriber to the channel. Both you and your subscriber will receive a notification about this. The bot also reminds subscribers if their subscription is about to expire and offers to renew it. The bot automatically removes subscribers from the channel if their subscription is not renewed.

You also have the option to invite someone via your link without payment. Create an invitation link for an individual user in the "channel management" tab and send it to them.

What if a user paid for a subscription but didn't get access?

This can only happen due to a technical error. We recommend contacting our 24/7 support service — https://t.me/TributeCreatorBot.

What if a subscriber's payment fails?

Please contact our support service — https://t.me/TributeCreatorBot.

How is a subscription renewed?

The bot will remind the user to renew their subscription. If the user links a card, the subscription will be automatically renewed without any reminders.

Does the subscriber receive a notification to renew the subscription?

Yes, if their card is not linked in the bot.

What if the subscriber doesn't have enough funds on their card?

If the payment fails, we will attempt to withdraw funds from another linked card. The subscription will be canceled if only one card is linked or there are no funds on the others.

Can a user cancel their subscription?

Certainly, users have a profile where they can manage, renew, or cancel all their subscriptions.

Can a subscriber get a refund for a subscription?

A refund for a subscription is possible in the case of a technical error, such as double billing, or for an unprovided service, like if you paid for a subscription and the creator deletes their channel.

You need to contact our support service https://t.me/TributeSupportBot and describe the situation.

Can I give access for free if I want?

Yes, you also have the option to invite someone via your link without payment. For this, create an invitation link for an individual user in the "channel management" tab and send it to them.

Can I use multiple bots for monetization?

We do not recommend using two bots simultaneously, as this can confuse your subscribers and cause technical issues. If you still need to connect multiple bots, we advise consulting with our support service beforehand — https://t.me/TributeCreatorBot.

Are there any content restrictions?

After you add the @Tribute bot as an administrator to one or several channels, we will check your channel for compliance with basic requirements. Your content should not contain insults, discredits, calls to violence, or anything else that could harm you or your subscribers. You can read more about the restrictions in our guide.

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