Wallet Pay

You can now accept payments for subscriptions and donations through @wallet.

How it works:

1. In your channel's subscription settings, add Wallet Pay as a payment method. Alternatively, you can choose it as the only method.

2. Set the subscription prices in USD, EUR, or RUB. Or just in EUR and RUB, if you have selected both "Bank Card" and Wallet Pay as payment methods.

3. Subscribers pay for donations and subscriptions using cryptocurrencies like TON, USDT, or BTC at the current exchange rate.

4. After payment, the subscription or donation amount is immediately converted into USDT. It is then transferred twice a month to your Wallet, provided the total reaches the minimum of 100 USDT.

5. You can exchange USDT for another cryptocurrency, transfer it to another crypto wallet, or sell it directly in the Wallet through the P2P Market.

Learn more about selling on the P2P Market via the link.

Limitations on a payment amount:


  • €1 is the minimum one-time transaction.

  • €1 000 is the maximum single transaction.


  • €1 is the minimum one-time transaction.

  • €2,000 is the maximum single transaction.

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