Subscription publishing

Publish a subscription to the channel

  1. Open «Menu» in the Tribute bot.

  2. Select the channel where you want to publish the subscription.

  3. Select an already created subscription or create a new one.

  4. Click «Publish».

  5. Customize «Pin the subscription to the channel» and «Publish without sound».

  6. Click «Publish».

Each subscription has a unique link that you can share with your subscribers in Telegram, other social networks and messengers.

You can share the subscription or copy the link by opening the subscription in the bot.

When someone clicks on the subscription link, Subscribe bot will send an invoice to your subscriber. The invoice will include the subscription price, currency, and debit frequency.

Your subscriber receives the invoice and pays it. The Subscribe bot receives the payment confirmation and, if it is a private channel, automatically approves your subscriber's request to join the channel. You, as well as your subscriber, will receive a notification about this.

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