Currencies and conversion fees

You can select a currency when creating a subscription. You can create multiple subscriptions in different currencies, each of which will create a balance in the appropriate currency.

The subscription currency you choose will be reflected in the conversion fees of the payments you are charged and the payouts you receive.

How to avoid conversion losses:

  • Create subscriptions and donations in the currencies that your subscribers primarily use.

  • Choose to receive payouts in the currency of your subscriptions or donations.


  1. €100 paid with a European bank card in euros. No fees.

  2. €100 transferred to your European bank account in Euros. No fees.

  3. €100 paid with a US bank card in US dollars. Your subscriber will pay a fee according to the rate of the bank that issued the card.

  4. €100 transferred to your US bank account in euros. You will pay the fee according to your bank's rate.

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