Content Restrictions

All content creators using the Tribute service must adhere to specific rules and refrain from publishing prohibited content.

Prohibited Content Includes

1. Impersonation

  • Content published with the intent to impersonate an individual, group of individuals, or organizations.

  • The use of alternative names for people and organizations is permitted if not intended to mislead others.

2. False information and misrepresentation

  • Dangerous content containing false or misleading claims about health or medical information.

  • Content with false or misleading statements regarding civil processes.

  • Distortion of information or deliberate omission of facts intended to defraud.

  • Content that deceptively prompts users to disclose personal information or creates opportunities for phishing and baiting.

3. Content featuring minors or unverified individuals

  • Any portrayal of individuals under 18 years old (or content indirectly implying the participation of minors), including mentions or implications of infants, newborns, or children in any context.

  • Documentation must confirm that all individuals featured or mentioned in your content are at least 18 years old, with written consent from each for the use of the content. (Note: We require documentation for all participants, even those in the background or voice-only contributors).

4. Discrimination

  • Content containing offensive statements or expressions of hate directed or based on race, skin color, sex, religion, gender, disability, nationality, or other marginalized or disadvantaged groups.

  • Content that dehumanizes, belittles, or negatively portrays certain protected categories of people or their representatives based on their characteristics.

5. Personal data

  • Content containing another person's personal data published without consent, such as full names, faces in photos or videos, and other information disclosed without consent.

  • Information that allows personal identification and other personal data about you or others, including financial or medical details.

6. Sexual or adult content

  • Unwanted sexual content or content that sexually objectifies another user or anyone else without consent or contains fake or manipulated sexual content regarding another user or anyone else (including "deepfakes").

  • Escort services, human trafficking for sexual exploitation, or prostitution.

  • Content depicting rape or forced sex, whether real or simulated.

  • Sexual exploitation of children and the portrayal of minors in a sexual context.

  • Acts of bestiality or explicit scenes involving animals.

  • Scenes depicting necrophilia.

  • Acts of incest.

7. Nudity in public places

  • Any content filmed or broadcast from places where public nudity is prohibited by law.

  • Any content filmed or broadcast from a location without permission or consent from the location owner, such as public stores, parks, gyms, or rented spaces.

8. Violence and cruelty

  • Scenes of violence and cruelty involving humans or animals.

  • Graphic scenes of violence, including significant blood, serious injuries, or death of animals or people.

  • Killing any living beings.

9. Other forms of illegal or inappropriate content

  • Any content demonstrating or implying the use of drugs or related paraphernalia.

  • Display or use of any weapons.

  • Images of vomiting, feces, urine, and blood.

  • Any forms of violence or abuse, self-harm or suicide, including but not limited to cannibalism, snuff content, or promotion of violence or illegal acts.

  • Content demonstrating dangerous or illegal actions, such as organ sales or human trafficking.

  • Illegal goods and services: items made from endangered species, banned substances, and prescription drugs for sale on the black market.

  • Materials produced by or on behalf of terrorist groups.

  • Instructions for creating or preparing dangerous items.

  • Content encouraging minors to engage in dangerous activities or use dangerous objects.

  • Images and other materials infringing on lawful rights, including copyright, exclusive rights, or intellectual property rights, e.g., pirated software, music, videos, games, streams, etc.

  • Content must not promote any forms of high-yield investments or get-rich-quick schemes.

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