How to offer a discount on subscriptions

Discounts apply to new subscribers only and can be set for just the initial subscription period. For instance, if you create a weekly subscription, the discount can apply for one week only. After this, subscribers will pay the full subscription price weekly.

  1. Open the "Menu" in the @Tribute bot.

  2. Select the channel or private group where you want to create Π° subscription.

  3. Click "Subscription" and choose the payment method. Bank cards for subscriptions in euros. Wallet β€” for cryptocurrency payments.

  4. Specify the period (weekly, monthly, or yearly). One-time subscriptions cannot be discounted.

  5. Specify the amount and currency of the subscription.

  6. In the "Discounts" section, enable the discount option, then choose the discount amount: from 10% to 90%, but not less than the service's set limits.

  7. Next, specify the name, description of the subscription, and the text of the button.

  8. Click "Create".

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