Telegram Stars

Tribute has launched payments with Telegram's in-app currency — Telegram Stars. Paying for digital products with Stars is simple and seamless. Customers can purchase Stars directly within the Telegram app, without needing to leave the platform.

This means that digital products in Tribute can only be purchased with Telegram Stars.

How to buy digital products with Stars?

To buy digital products with Stars, simply use the Tribute bot. Select your product, choose the amount of Stars to purchase, and complete the transaction.

Purchase Stars via in-app purchases on the App Store or Google Play for smartphones, or use a bank card with the desktop version of Telegram or through @PremiumBot.

In what currency can you sell digital products?

You can list in Euros, but the payout for sold products will be in USDT.

Here's how it works:

  1. The creator lists a digital product on Tribute with a price in Euros.

  2. Tribute converts the price to Stars based on Telegram’s exchange rate.

  3. Users buy the product using Stars.

  4. Tribute exchanges Stars for USDT at Telegram’s rate.

  5. Payouts in USDT are made to your @wallet twice a month, after the minimum payout threshold is reached.

Payouts for digital products purchased in Euros or cryptocurrency before 12 June 2024 will be sent to creators' bank cards or @wallets as before.

What is the exchange rate for Stars?

The purchase rate for Stars varies based on the user’s location, with Telegram automatically setting the rates according to the local currency.

For creators, the exchange rate of Stars is set by Telegram. Creators set prices in Euros and receive payments in USDT to their @wallet.

Does the payout amount depend on how Stars are purchased?

No matter how Stars are purchased — whether via in-app purchases on the App Store or Google Play, or with a bank card — creators receive the full amount minus Tribute’s standard 10% commission.

Are subscriptions and donations also paid with Stars?

Currently, Telegram Stars are only used for purchasing digital products. We will notify you through the official Tribute channel if this changes.

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