How to offer a discount upon subscription cancellation

The discount will be applied once and only for users who choose to cancel their subscription. The subscription period remains the same: for example, if a user cancels a weekly subscription, they will receive the discount only for one week. After that, the subscriber will pay the full price on a weekly basis.

  1. Open the "Menu" in the @Tribute bot and select the channel or private group where you want to create a subscription.

  2. Tap "Subscription".

  3. Create a name and description for the subscription and the button text. Tap "Continue".

  4. Specify the period. The subscription can be weekly, monthly, or yearly. One-time subscriptions cannot have discounts.

  5. Set the price and currency for the subscription, then choose the payment method and tap "Continue."

  6. In the "Cancellation Discount" section, enable the discount option, then choose the discount size: from 10% to 90%, but no less than the service's set limits.

  7. Tap "Create".

If you want to add this discount to an existing subscription, simply tap "Edit," and in the "Discounts" section, enable "Cancellation Discount." Then select the discount amount: from 10% to 90%.

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