How to Create a Digital Custom Product

A custom digital product is a unique piece of content you create upon a subscriber's request. This can be a personalized text or video greeting, a unique photo, audio, or a file. Almost anything that can be sent in a Telegram message.

Selling digital custom products is possible in rubles, euros, or cryptocurrency through the Wallet in Telegram.

How to ัreate

  1. Open the "Menu" in the @Tribute bot.

  2. In your Creator Dashboard, select "Digital Products."

  3. Choose "Custom."

  4. Click "Create Custom Product."

  5. Select the payment method โ€” bank card for subscriptions in rubles and euros, Wallet for cryptocurrency payments.

  6. Choose the currency and set the price.

  7. Then, add a title and describe your product, highlighting its key benefits and value. Craft text for the button and upload a cover image if needed.

  8. Click "Create."

  9. Publish the product following the instructions so your subscribers can order it.

How to fulfill an order

When you receive a notification about an order for your custom product, you need to fulfill it.

Here's how:

  1. Click on the notification about the custom order in the @Tribute bot.

  2. Click "Reply."

  3. Click "Attach" and add a file. It can be text, photo, video, audio, location, or an attached file (JPEG, PNG, MP4, PDF, TXT). You can send almost anything in a Telegram message.

  4. In the bot's reply message, click "Send Product."

  5. After Tribute successfully moderates the product, it will be sent to your customer. You'll receive a notification once the order is fulfilled and you will receive payment for the product.

  6. If your product does not pass moderation, you can resubmit it.

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